How to overcome the first time in sex?

It is normal to feel nervous; it is an important step, only you can decide if you are prepared, be realistic in your expectations, not idealistic

Sexual desire is an irresistible feeling. When you feel attracted to someone, it is as if you dragged, helpless, towards a magnet. And since you can not stop daydreaming with him or her, this can really affect your concentration, whether you’re studying or working. You want to be close to that person, and you will notice that your body reacts, and you feel excited and nervous. All this may or may not lead to sex. When you finally agree to the sexual act with someone for the first time, it will be a significant moment. Thus, try to have an element of control when you feel dragged by passion; seek to share this moment with whoever means something to you.

Some young people flee from the pleasant aspects of courtship and sex because they feel very disturbed about their bodies. It can be a problem for girls, who must overcome any previous conditioning on the “bad” of sexual activity and may have negative (and completely unfounded) feelings about the “filth” of their genitals. The reason why boys generally feel more confident is that they think their penis is a source of pride. As you and your partner know better your respective reactions, you will feel much less inhibited, and then you can give free rein to the preliminary “game.” The preliminary game is essential for the sexual act to be satisfactory.

The preliminary game is essential for the sexual act to be satisfactory.

What happens to women? What do they ask for the first time?

“Will it be painful?” Coitus is rarely painful the first time because the hymen (membrane located in the vaginal orifice) almost always breaks with the practice of active sports such as horseback riding or gymnastics. If you have started using tampons, they can also break it.

When you approach gently to the sexual act, after a sufficient preliminary game, it does not have to be painful. “What happens if I do not enjoy it?” Many girls discover that the first time does not fulfill their romantic expectations; even excitement may be lacking. If this happens to you, it does not mean anything wrong. Sexual satisfaction takes time and experience in couples.

“What do people think if they know I am no longer a virgin?” One of the biggest obstacles to sexual satisfaction is have consummated with feelings of guilt for intercourse.If you have any doubts, do not do it.But remember that sex It is a natural and pleasant act between two people who love each other.It may take time, but try to learn to enjoy sex.

There is only one reason to have sex, and that is that you want it. Not because all your friends have them, not because most TV shows make you believe that everyone is continually jumping into bed in a company, and not because your partner is pushing you. Deciding if you want to have sex is one of the most important determinations you can ever make, and you need to first make an introspection. Try to explore your feelings and values; Encourage your partner to do the same.

Sex is the ultimate expression of love: without it, it can be a form of extortion that leaves your feeling empty and hurt. If you have any questions, wait until the moment, and the couple is appropriate. Below, you will find some possible questions you can ask your partner: so you can know if he or she is good for you.

What questions do men ask about the first sexual experience?

How will I behave in my first sexual relationship? Faced with your first full sexual encounter, you will naturally feel nervous, especially if you think your partner expects you to know exactly what to do. You can help yourself overcome this by trying not to hurry too much. Devote a lot of time to the preliminary game, and make sure your partner enjoys it by asking how he feels. Remember, it’s not a race.

“Will it really be easy for me to have an orgasm?” It is likely that having an orgasm is easier for you than for your girlfriend. Until you have a little more experience, you will see that it happens much faster than you expected. Once the climax is reached, however, you may experience a great sense of relief. You will also begin to feel more confident.

“What happens if my girlfriend does not enjoy sex?” If your partner does not have an orgasm at first (for girls it is much more difficult to have an orgasm during intercourse with penetration), it does not mean that you have failed as a lover, or that she did not enjoy the closeness and intimacy of that experience. You can increase your girlfriend’s confidence by looking for other forms of sexual contact that stimulate her clitorides, such as mutual masturbation and oral sex.

The best people to talk and consult are your best friends, not known, but true friends with whom you can share confidences, If you have a sufficiently intimate relationship, talk to a brother, sister or older cousin, with sexual experience.

Even when friends can offer advice and peace of mind, if you find your sexual experience difficult or unsatisfactory, you can only improve things by talking with your partner. Try to talk openly, without embarrassment, before, during and after.

Finally, it is important to know your partner very well before embarking on a sexual relationship; that way you’ll be comfortable enough to talk about those things.

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