Why do men reach orgasm before women?

The most important thing is to enjoy sex

For boys it is not difficult to reach orgasm; Actually, at the beginning of their sex life, most have difficulty controlling themselves when they are very excited. Usually, boys masturbate long before they are attracted to a girl, and they know what we are talking about. Boys can reach orgasm in several ways: by manual or oral stimulation with another person; through masturbation; and through the sexual act.

The difference with the girls:

For girls it is more problematic because many of them are not sure of having reached an orgasm; The female orgasm does not have the same ending as the masculine one. Girls also react differently, depending on how they have stimulated with their hand, mouth or penis.

Coitus itself does not always lead to orgasm. The clitoris must be stimulated, but intercourse only stimulates the vagina, which is usually not enough to achieve orgasm, although most men think otherwise! Many girls who have had sex never reached orgasm and only a quarter of them get orgasms with some frequency. But all those girls can achieve orgasm with masturbation or manual stimulation by their partners. There is nothing wrong with a girl who can not have an orgasm during intercourse.

Reaching the climax together is possible?

  • Girls who are very committed to their boyfriends and consider them very mind-blowing reach orgasm more easily.
  • Girls are more relaxed about sex if they have analyzed their own reactions through masturbation.
  • Girls need direct physical stimuli from the clitoris to reach orgasm.
  • The interruption of the physical stimulation can prevent the girl from reaching orgasm; sexual stimulation will always lead to natural climax
  • Girls who can talk openly about their sexual needs, usually reach orgasm; the boys would like that sincerity to be more frequent.

The most important thing is to enjoy sex, with an orgasm achieved through intercourse or manual stimulation.

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