What happens if you masturabte everyday?

Touching your private parts is a perfectly healthy habit

Touching your private parts is a perfectly healthy habit, regardless of age, sex or sexual orientation you may have. Masturbation is not wrong, and it never hurts, unless it becomes compulsive, which may indicate problems related to self-esteem.

Although it is common for boys to masturbate more often than girls, masturbation is essential for them to, because it allows them to explore and experiment with their bodies long before having sex. Although they may often not admit it, many boys and girls achieve their best orgasms through masturbation. I am pleased to say that most young people believe that doing so is acceptable and does not involve risks, and of course, they are right.

Doubts about masturbation:

Masturbation will not cause your blindness! You will not get acne; it will not become your madness or make you grow hair in the palm of your hands: they are only myths. It is also very typical to fantasize about someone while you are masturbating, and those fantasies are almost always innocent. In general, people have no difficulty in drawing a line between fantasy and reality and do not want to override the first.
Undesirable influences

In recent years, people have begun to worry about the possibility of young people, and even children, being influenced by unnecessarily extreme sexual images in magazines, movies and on the internet,

Do not dismiss this concern as an exaggeration; No one doubts that the edifying images reflected in art and books are “good” influences, so why would not the opposite be true? Do not let the images of sexual violence with women and children influence you. They satisfy perverse fantasies, and they will lead you to fall into the game of people who exploit these bad images for their benefit.

As you become more sexually aware, it is perfectly normal to start fantasizing about sex. Many fantasize during masturbation and even during sex. The most common fantasy in boys and men is to imagine the naked body of a girl or woman; Boys can be sexually aroused just by looking at naked images. The fantasies of girls are much more specific and rarely anonymous. They mostly fantasize about a particular boy or a hero who excites them.


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