Being gay is a problem?

Everyone has the right to choose who and how to love, and that includes homosexual love. Being homosexual means feeling attracted and preferring relationships with someone of the same sex.

Nowadays, people who prefer someone of their same sex are often called “gays,” although this applies more often to homosexual men. Homosexual women are called lesbians; Lesbian relationships are those in which women share sexual satisfaction and fullness with other women.

In the past, homosexuality was considered abnormal, but now we know that this idea is wrong; Most people accept that homosexuals have the same rights as anyone else.

On the attraction of people of the same sex:

While many teenagers have a sexual experience with someone of the same sex when they are young, that does not mean they are homosexual. It is possible that at the beginning of your adolescence you have fallen in love with an older partner, a university professor, an actor or a pop star.

There is nothing unusual or abnormal in these crushes. They are a natural part of your sexual awakening and, as long as you do not do something silly, they are useful, because they help you to begin to understand what love is.

A boy can have an erection if he feels love, excitement or attraction for another. It usually happens when the boys “joke” in fights and simulated fights, and it is a normal stage of growth. It does not necessarily mean that you are gay. Girls are also attracted to other girls, especially older ones. And that’s also a normal part of his sexual awakening.

If you discover that you continue to be attracted to people of your same sex as you grow older, you must decide your sexuality. According to most gay men and lesbians, your instinct will tell you what is best for you. Also, there is another question: how can you meet people like you?

If you do not have support, you can feel isolated; In that case, get in touch with a gay group or group, they will inform you.

Questions and doubts about homosexuality:

Even though gays are more accepted by society than before, and although they have the same legal rights as heterosexuals, there are still certain prejudices. That is why many young people fear to admit that they are homosexual, especially to their parents, and try to live a lie. Until recently, some gays were hiding by marrying and forming a family, before having the courage to “uncover” at 30 or 40 years.

If you are gay, it is important that you try to find the firmness, to be honest about your sexual preferences. Your friends of both sexes may be the first to support you. Your family members may take some time to get used to the idea, but they may be more understanding than you think.

Families that reject it: it is evident that some parents will let themselves be carried away by the prejudices of knowing that you are gay, maybe it does not mean they are cruel, but their behavior will make you feel isolation and loneliness. Seek help and advice from a homosexual group. There are many others in your situation and they can offer you certain strategies to face it.

In college: some teenage boys know very well that they are gay from an early age. If at school the boys suspect that a partner is gay, they can be terribly cruel. No one should feel inferior to their peers, but if that happens to you and you see that the situation is out of control, trust a sympathetic teacher.

is it weird to be gay?

What happens to women who like women?

We have heard a lot about homosexual men, but less than lesbians, although both groups have much in common. Lesbianism is as natural, though not as common, as heterosexuality.

Lesbians are in no way biologically different from other women, nor do they (as some people believe) have a family history other than heterosexuals. While most women choose heterosexuality, some accept a heterosexual lifestyle while maintaining important and loving relationships with women. Others choose a completely lesbian lifestyle.

Many lesbians look for early childhood symptoms or causes of their lesbianism, such as having lesbian dreams or falling in love with older girls or teachers. But there is no reason to rationalize things in this way. Being a lesbian is simply the way you want to live your life.

Actually, lesbianism is more a lifestyle choice than a sexual choice. Lesbian relationships are often based less on sex than heterosexual ones. They have more to do with a desire to relate to other women. Sex between women is of the same nature as between men and women. He is so intense, passionate, loving, warm and caring. But like heterosexual love, it can also be disappointing and destructive.

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