Born in 1982, I grown in the warm and cool south of France’s atmosphere, rocked by my father’s italian origins and my mother’s spanish ones. I lived a quite normal and very wise childhood. I did a lot of sports : 3 years in a horse riding school, 10 years of classical dancing before to stop when I became a teenager. I decided to quit because the ballet institution was too classical and straight for me. I went to the high school focused on the literary way, studying french literature, philosophy and three foreign languages (english, spanish, italian).

After getting my high school diploma, I felt involved in human beings and more particularly by their health. That’s the reason why I wanted to be a nurse, studying in a medical school for one year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t strong enough to endure the dark clouds of diseases and death : I was used to cry coming back at home, I was so sad that I decided to break for a while.

Meantime, my life changed when I met Sylvain Coeur-Jolly. By chance, we discovered the fetish universe : sex shops, funny parties, amazing people. Now we live separately but are still in the fetish world : Sylvain is a rubber designer and I became a fetish model. It gives me the opportunity to share my taste for kinky stuff and I really love this.

I never loved my body and I couldn’t imagine modeling. However, I met two french photographers during a fetish party : Robert Chouraqui and Eric Martin who were the first to shoot me. They gave me my chance and I really enjoyed this experience. From this time, I am really addict to photo studios : I did more and more shootings, exploring my fetishes, wearing beautiful clothes and shoes, meeting some crazy and open-minded people.

Step by step, I discovered who I am and what I need : eccentric lifestyle, funny and sexy games revealing my secrets. I deeply love corset, latex, nylon and, last but not least, I adore extreme high heels. Bondage is my ultimate fantasy : I really enjoy being strictly tied. Like a lot of dancers, my body is trained to suffer and I am really comfortable with restraint. That’s so exciting and entertaining !


Favorite colors : black and red
Favorite outfits : corset, catsuit and nylon stockings
Favorite music : all kind of music except rap and R’n B
Favorite movies : The Fifth Element, Truman Show, Pulp Fiction, Angel-A, Apocalypto, 300, Pitch Black, Grégoire Moulin contre l’Humanité
Favorite books : all Clive Barker’s, Ken Follet’s, “Le Parfum” by Patrick Suskind, “Flash ou le Grand Voyage” by Charles Duchaussois